GaymerX has come and gone, and may never be again. *UPDATE* OR WILL IT??

by: Jeff -
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Cons are fun, right? Who doesn't love a good Convention? You get to completely immerse yourself in your favorite hobby and be surrounded by other fanatics for the entire day- sometimes the entire week. There's nothing quite like cutting loose and letting yourself get swept away by the geist of gaming- at least, when you're the target demographic.

Thankfully, mainstream gaming is getting better at inclusion, but for the time being, games that have LGBT characters, or are specifically marketed towards queer audiences are still few and far between. That's why GaymerX and GaymerX2 were so awesome- it was a convention specifically for people who are normally treated as an exception to the norm. Sadly, due to coming up short on funds this year, there will not be a GaymerX3 next year. But Matt Conn and some of the other folks behind Gaymer X have a few projects right now to help pay for their debts and continue the work they started with the convention.

First, there's they helped produce Gaming in Color- a documentary about the importance of queer gaming. You can buy it for $9.99 (Or however much you are willing to pay) and watch it now. Here's a trailer:

Second, there's a game coming out in November called Read Only Memories. It's a 90's-style point and click adventure that takes place in Neo San Francisco in 2064, where your friend goes missing and a strange robot named Turing shows up in your apartment. It was already successfully funded via Kickstarter, and is currently trying to get greenlit on Steam. If it looks like the brand of progressive nostalgia that you're into, you can Pre-order it through MidBoss' website.

Finally, if you're just a straight up philanthropist that isn't interested in games or movies about games (if that's the case, I can't imagine why you'd be reading this in the first place), you can always donate money to GaymerX to help them pay their debts.

Update: Okay, so remember when I said that they were severely short on funds to pay their debts for GaymerX2? It looks like the folks at Devolver Digital, Coffee Stain Studios, and several other generous souls have donated enough money to make GX3 a possibility. Awesome!

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