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by: Jeremy -
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Now THIS, is more like it!

I hope that you saved up a little bit of money over the course of Summer because the industry just locked in a submission hold on your wallet that won’t be letting up any time soon. This week sees a bunch of major titles hitting retailers and demanding your hard earned time and cash. You’ve got Madden, an amazing remaster of the Metro series, a new digital chapter of inFAMOUS, and a couple of Walking Dead offerings, plus more.

What is on your to-do list this week?

  • Azure Striker Gunvolt for 3DS
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth1 for Vita
  • inFAMOUS: First Light for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Lichdome: Battlemage for PC
  • Madden NFL 15 for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360
  • Metro: Redux for PC, Xbox One and PS4
  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright for 3DS
  • Super Time Force Ultra for PC
  • The Walking Dead Pinball (Pinball FX 2) for 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, PC
  • The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 5: No Going Back for PC, 360, PS3, Vita
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