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Oops: Resident Evil Revelations 2 possibly outed

by: Jeremy -
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While it hasn’t been confirmed by Capcom, it appears as though Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is on its way to consoles in the near future. The game appears to have been leaked on the Xbox.com domain. The title and an early version of the boxart were found by the French site Gamer In a Box.

The image has, obviously, been removed since that attention was brought to it and both Capcom and Microsoft are remaining quiet. This would appear to be a direct follow up to the highly acclaimed game that was released originally on the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012, but later made its way to consoles. Our own Russell absolutely loved the 3DS version while Cyril was a little less impressed when it made the leap to PC and consoles. I don’t expect to hear anything official about the game until at least the Tokyo Game Show next month.