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The dream of the '80s is alive in gaming. Tango Fiesta capitalizes on the steroid-eating action films of the world's greatest generation. You know how one director, Michael Bay, gets all the credit for making too-explosive movies nowadays? Thirty years ago, every director was Michael Bay. Trust me, I was there.

Tango Fiesta is a top-down twin-stick cooperative shooter with endless, procedurally generated levels. Though South American jungles appears to be a favorite setting. Originally boasting four co-op characters — John Strong, Macmillan, Miller and Bionic Cop — the latest update to Tango Fiesta introduces its first female protagonist, Conchita. Take that, Ubisoft. This Steam Early Access game doesn't appear to have any problem fitting two whole genders into its lineup.

I'm kidding, obviously. Tango Fiesta is indie as all get out, probably not having the tens of millions of pesos required to have limitations.

Watch this trailer and try not to get the Randy "Macho Man" Savage-esque voice get stuck in your head. See if it's got what it takes to compete with the likes of other '80s and '90s homage games, Broforce and Mercenary Kings.


London - August 7, 2014 ?? Spilt Milk Studios?? top-down co-operative shooter, Tango Fiesta just got bigger and better! The Early Access title has its biggest content update ever - a new character, traps, bosses and brand new ways to deliver fistfuls of attacks, all amassed in the "Who Wants to Be a Killionaire" world, bringing a whole new level of 80s mayhem with it!

In a world where the innocent call out for a true hero, Spilt Milk Studios has added a fiery new heroine to the mix! That's right, Conchita, the first female addition to the Tango Fiesta team is about to explode onto your screens, bringing you five feet and three inches of pure, unadulterated dynamite! But don't let her petite packaging fool you - this short-fused sister is nimble and quick and she sure knows how to handle herself. Conchita knows what she wants and you better pity the fool that stands in her way! She is firm and accurate and faster on the reload than any of her giant 'roided up male counterparts. Conchita may be living in a man's world, but she sure is ready to kick all their asses!

What?! You want more?! If you think you can handle more, the new multiplayer-only "secret" objectives add some back-stabbing-flavoured spice to the game! With the Early Access version, players are invited to supply feedback to the developers and help direct the focus of future updates, ranging from new heroes, weapons and worlds to vehicles and bosses.

Tango Fiesta is a top-down co-operative two stick shooter for up to 4 players, where the wacky, frenetic, comical, over-the-top, cheese-fuelled action of your favourite '80s action movies becomes reality. Gamers across the globe take control of John Strong - the original hero's hero - as you and three friends shoot, blast, brawl, dodge roll, upgrade, unlock, smash and puntastic one-liner your way through the true stories behind all of the greatest 80??s action classics in this endless (and endlessly entertaining) arcade action "rogue-lite."

Andrew J Smith, founder of Spilt Milk Studios, says, "We're really chuffed to get a kick-ass woman into Tango Fiesta! The 80's were full of amazing role models for everyone and this is our first attempt to honour that. We could make jibes at Assassin's Creed but frankly I haven't got the energy (or the puns) so we'll just say this - she's hands down the best character in the game when played by a pro. Enjoy!"

Tango Fiesta is available now on Steam Early Access and Get Games for PC and Mac.
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