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It's a simple equation, but it bears a little explanation.

If you aren't familiar with BROFORCE, here's a quick catch-up: It's a game about a force of bros based on 80's and 90's action heroes with names like Rambro and Bronan the Barbarian. They liberate countries by killing terrorists that are armed with guns, dynamite vests, gigantic mech suits, huge helicopters, even huger helicopters. You liberate an area by killing Satan at the end of the level, raising the Stars and Bars and riding away on your own huge helicopter. In short- it's amazing, and it's the perfect compliment to The Expendables.

That's why in the middle of developing BROFORCE, Free Lives worked on a promotional crossover called EXPENDABROS. It's a completely free game with new levels, characters, enemies, traps, everything. It will be available through Steam until December 31st, which is probably when the copyright free-pass ends. The devs are planning on integrating a lot of the content from EXPENDABROS into their own game at a later date, so think of it as an updated demo, as well as a preview of things to come for our beloved patriotism simulator.

The Expendables 3 will be in theaters August 15th, and BROFORCE is available in Early Access through Steam for $14.99.

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