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Logitech Reveals the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury: Claiming it to be the world's fastest mouse

by: Jackie -
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Logitech recently unveiled their new G402 gaming mouse dubbed "Hyperion Fury" and they are claiming it to be the world's fastest gaming mouse. With all the competition out there, I'd say that's a pretty bold claim. This mouse was definitely designed with FPS gamers in mind. With the G402's on-the-fly DPI switching ability,  users can switch from 240 DPI to 4000 DPI in a pinch.  I've found that having control of your mouses sensitivity at all times is an essential feature for any gaming mouse I own. If you're playing a shooter and you want to ease off the sensitivity mid game to steady your sniper rifle then you can see why this feature is necessary.  

The Hyperion Fury comes with eight programmable buttons that can be used for custom macros or keyboard commands. It is said to release sometime in August for $60. For more information see Logitech and check out Chuck's preview of the mouse that we posted this morning.

Picture of Hyperion Fury