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Even though I have no programming expertise or technical know-how, I am obsessed with the idea of game jams. You get a team of creative people and you give them 48 hours (or so) to make a game, and they work pretty much straight through all of those hours, secreting their sweet, sweet creative talents onto a computer, and at the end a beautiful baby game is born. It's like taking the Bloomsbury Group, giving them a degree in game design, and then giving them to Superman so he can crush it into a diamond. Although, there's no guarantee you're going to have a diamond at the end of it. You might just end up with a hard glob of game assets, Virginia Woolf, and coal. This metaphor is falling apart, I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore.

Anyway, Devolver Digital's made a five episode series called Super Game Jam. Every episode follows two indie developers who work together for 48 hours to create a game based on a theme suggested by their peers. The first episode is out now, and follows JW Nijman (half of Vlambeer, the team behind Ridiculous Fishing and LUFTRAUSERS) and Richard Boser (Ibb and Obb) as they make a racing game about breaking up called "Navigator".

You can download Super Game Jam now via steam for $19.99. And as each episode is made available, it will come bundled with a playable prototype of the game featured in the episode. If you want to learn more about Super Game Jam, you can go to their website, or follow @supergamejam and @devolverdigital. You can check out the full episode listings after the jump.

Episode 1 | Utrecht, Netherlands
Jan Willem Nijman (Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS) + Richard Boeser (Ibb and Obb)

Episode 2 | Berlin, Germany
Dominik Johann (Impetus, LAZA KNITEZ!!) + Christoffer Hedborg (Shelter, Pid)

Episode 3 | Oakland, USA
Adam Drucker (doseone, Samurai Gunn) + Sos Sosowski (McPixel)

Episode 4 | Gothenburg, Sweden
Jonatan Söderström (Hotline Miami) + Martin Jonasson (Rymdkapsel)

Episode 5 | London, England
Tom Francis (Gunpoint) + Liselore Goedhart (
Remembering, Nott Won't Sleep)
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