You can now Always Sometimes be a Monster

by: Jeff -
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As of last night, Always Sometimes Monsters is available through Steam for 10% off until May 28th, or you can get a DRM-free copy through the Humble Store for $9.99.

If you aren't familiar with Vagabond Dog's first release, you should be. We all make mistakes. some of them we can laugh off, others will linger with us for the rest our lives. And they'll sit in the back of our mind, waiting for those quiet, introspective moments to slip to the fore and remind us why we're terrible people. In Always Sometimes Monsters you take control of a down and out writer that's made some decisions in the past that hurt the people closest to you. To get your life back in order, you'll be making many, many more. If you want to know more, you should check out our preview, or check out Vagabond Dog's website.

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