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Let's be real here, the war is over and the ants have won. We live at their leisure.

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Earth Defense Force 2025

But apparently no one told that to the giant ant invaders in Earth Defense Force 2025 because they have arrived en masse, backed by powerful war robots and other, no doubt, utterly unknowable horrors.  The coming battle won't be our Normandy, it will be their Berlin.  And if you know your WWII history, that thought should leave you needing a change of clothes.

Anyway, as I previously mentioned, Earth Defense Force 2025 has gone gold and the war begins on February 18.  Admission is $49.95.

In the meantime, console yourself in the knowledge that when the ants do come for us, it will be over quick.  It won't, however, be painless.   

Oh, and one more thing: our defenders are known.  They are the Ranger, Air Raider, Fencer, and Wing Driver.  You can see them in action in the following EDF 2025 multiplayer trailer.  

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