Free-to-play Friday: Neverwinter

by: Travis -
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Free-to-play Friday is a weekly series that showcases some of the best and most interesting free-to-play games currently available for everyone to try. Did we miss a favorite free-to-play game of yours? Post your favorites in the comments and we'll be sure to give it a try for ourselves.

This week's edition of Free-to-Play Friday focuses on the Dungeons and Dragons online role-playing game, Neverwinter. I recently reviewed Neverwinter and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of adventuring alongside John and completing quests with my Trickster Rogue Elf. The game has been rapidly expanding since launch with the most recently-released Fury of the Feywild expansion pack, which added additional locations to explore and quests to complete.

Neverwinter differs from other online role-playing games in that combat is far more fluent and interactive in which players can utilize a variety of interesting skills and powers. No longer do characters simply stand in one location and swing swords or cast spells at each other. The combat becomes even more exciting within player versus player arenas in which teamwork and strategy play important roles. Another major feature that sets Neverwinter apart is its inclusion of the Foundry tool that allows for players to create and share their own adventures with others in the community. From building levels to writing quests with narratives and characters, the Foundry is a great feature to ensure that new content is continually available for players.

Lastly, the amount of content is staggering as players can partake in daily quests, crafting, training companions, buying and selling items through the auction house, player versus player combat, and a lengthy campaign with fully-voiced characters and cinematic scenes. While the game isn't shy about advertising its range of items available in the premium game store, the majority of content is available to players both free of charge and without any sort of unfair "pay-to-win" elements. Role-playing enthusiasts are sure to find plenty to enjoy in the ever-expanding and highly-entertaining world of Neverwinter.

Neverwinter is available now through the official website.