Divekick narrows down a release date and price

by: Jeremy -
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Everyone has been raving about the simplified fighter Divekick for the past year. It seems as if every show that it has been shown at, be it GDC or PAX, results in large crowds and rave reviews, including one by our own Nate after PAX East. We knew that the game was eventually coming by the end of summer, but now we know exactly when, how much, and all of the platforms it will be hitting. The game will launch simultaneously on the PS3, Vita, and Valve’s Steam service on August 20 for $9.99.

If you haven’t seen the game yet, imagine a fighter with two simple actions: jump and diving-kick. That’s it! There are no fireballs or special button combinations necessary, simply outwit your opponent and nail them with a well-placed kick to earn your victory. It’s simple and incredibly addicting and one that I definitely look forward to picking up on the Vita in particular.