PAX East 2013: Divekick may be the silliest and most simple game ever... but its so much fun

by: Nathan -
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Fighting games are more competitive than ever these days with tons of characters, thousands of combos and special moves to learn, super EX moves, cancels, and a plethora of other tricks to learn its incredibly hard for someone to become a competitive fighting game player without thousands of hours of practice. What if there were a game where almost all of that was removed and was boiled down to a simple tactic based game? That game is Divekick. 

There are only two buttons you use in Divekick and with those buttons you jump and kick. That's it. The first person to land a hit on their opponent wins. Win a best 3 out of 5 and you've won the match. It sounds so absurd and yet it was some of the most fun I have ever had playing a fighting game.

The booth for Divekick was packed all weekend and with good reason. This is one of the most intense and fun fighting games I have ever played. It was hard for me at first to understand how this game could be any fun, but after getting my hands on it I understand how. The game is all tactics, waiting for the right moment where you catch your opponent making a mistake and then dive in the for the kill. 

There is some strategy to the game as well as each character has different attributes for jumping and kicking. Dive and Kick are pretty much the Ryu and Ken of the game each a well character for both jumps and kicks. Other characters such as Kung Pao have slow jumps and kicks but she is a perfect bait and punish character where she can dive in after someone misses a kick. Dr Shoals a female doctor can jump high and has a slow down kick at first but you can hit the kick button again to have her dive quickly straight down to the ground. There were other characters in the game but the developers said that many more will be added in the final release. 

I could easily see this game becoming huge in the competitive fighting game scene and no joke I would love for this game to make it to EVO one day. Its incredibly simple, intense, completive and best of all, fun. 

Divekick is scheduled to be released this summer on PS3 and Vita and if you want the game to be released on PC be sure to visit their Steam Greenlight page and give them and up vote. 

Be sure to also check out their Twitter page for updates on the game.