Minecraft and Hybrid sittin' in a tree...

by: Nathaniel -
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Normally, when you think of things that go together, two things that don't come to mind are 360-exclusive downloadable sci-fi cover-based multiplayer shooters and indie sandbox create-a-fests.  Well, Mojang and 5th Cell want to disavow you of that clearly old-fashioned notion by announcing a partnership between the forces behind Minecraft and Hybrid.

The deal is that when you reach level 20 in Hybrid you'll receive a special Minecraft Variant or Paladin helmet for your character for whichever faction you belong to, while in Minecraft, you'll be able to use a special Hybrid Variant or Paladin avatar.

Check out the screens below to see what the goodies look like.

Hybrid will be available on Xbox Live only on August 8th, you can read the respective Hybrid impressions of Chuck and myself here and here; meanwhile Minecraft can be downloaded right now.