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PSN Identity Theft protection offers should be arriving

by: Dan -
More On: Playstation Network
If you were one of the estimated 100+ million people that had your information lifted during the great Sony PlayStation Network heist of 2011, you should have or will soon be getting an offer from Sony for one year of credit monitoring service. The offer will be facilitated through the AllClear ID Plus credit protection program through Debix.

I received my offer e-mail last Tuesday, which directed me to submit my e-mail by June 28th, 2011 at 11:59:59 p.m. CST in order to be eligible to get the monitoring. Once you send them your e-mail, you will get back within 72 hours an activation code e-mail allowing you to sign up for the AllClear ID program. You can view everything the AllClear ID Plus program will provide for the next year, as well as the terms of the program. I was a bit worried that once you sign up, you would be on the hook for additional monitoring fees if you did not cancel at the end of the free year. However, this statement from the terms section put me at ease:

“If a third party has procured the Premium Service on your behalf, your subscription will terminate at the end of the term specified during registration, unless you opt to re-enroll.”

So go for it, sign up as soon as you can and take advantage of it for the next year.

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