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Sony offering credit protection for 1 year

by: Jeremy -
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Many critics of Sony during the entire PSN outage have been vocal about the lack of credit protection options listed in their reconciliation plan(s). Despite what many thought, Sony is actually stepping to the plate and offering an in depth credit protection opportunity to those effected by the PSN data breach.

Sony has announced that it will offer complimentary, 1-year enrollment into the AllClear ID Plus credit protection program through Debix, Inc. The opportunity is being provided to all PSN and Qriocity account holders in the United States. Other credit protection options are being worked on for those effected in other regions.

The benefits of the plan being provide by Sony include:
  • credit monitoring and surveillance featuring monthly status reports
  • priority access to licensed private investigators in the event of identity / credit theft
  • $1 million identity theft insurance policy
Sony is currently in the processing of sending out emails to registered users of both services that include a redemption code for a one year membership, redeemable through AllClearID’s website. This level of protection really goes above and beyond the standard offering from companies who have been subject to data breaches. Sony is still working to get their online services back online but seems to be be setting a solid plan in place to make things right... this is definitely a good start.