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News Roundup audio edition: the word from PAX 2010

by: Nathan -
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As regular listeners know, Sean and I joined Charles Husemann and Ben Berry at PAX East this year in Boston. We got together and recorded our thoughts on the show and what we've seen and experienced. From indie to industry and everything in between, here's the word from PAX East 2010:

Featured Links:
AaaaaaAaaaaaaaa... etc. gets Ben's heart thumping with building kissing
You got your puzzle game in my player vs. player hack n' slash- Slam Bolt Scrappers
Grapple Buggy aims to impress, grapple your heart
Monday Night Combat may be a mix of game play ideas, but they're good ideas
Our own Charles Husemann is an adept puppet master
The concerts we caught and the Metal Sean loves

This week's intro is intro by Metroid Metal and the outro is Ridley's Theme.