Our own Chuck Husemann gets a whole room to raise their hands

by: John -
More On: PAX East 2010
Yeah, that's our Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Husemann at Pax East helping with a panel and asked a question to the audience about review scores. The response was an overwhelming no on if people like review scores. It was the opposite reaction to the same question when asked at Pax last September.

Internally, we've had many discussions over the scoring system here at Gaming Nexus. We scrapped out 1-10 scale with the US school grading system in hopes that it would be less confusing for both you and us. I mean, what game really deserves a .1 or .2 more than another? It's hard to say and we never look at our past scores to see if it really deserves a slightly better score than another game we reviewed. 

Still, the grading systems has its flaws as well but I think it's one of the least confusing out there. Maybe you guys prefer an even more simplistic score of say thumbs up, thumbs down or even a buy, rent, or not play scenario. In the end though, I think everyone should always read the entire review and not just based their opinion on the piece on the single letter grade at the end of our reviews.
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