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Dive into Dark Void with a new dev diary

by: Jake -
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Capcom has released a new developer diary for their upcoming action game, Dark Void. And in the latest dev diary, the lead producer, Morgan Gray, tells all. All you have to do to see the video, is being a member on the main community site, and you're set to hear all about Dark Void's darkest of secrets.

Capcom has released a brand new Dev Diary for their high-flying action game, Dark Void. Check out Dark Void’s lead producer, Morgan Gray, spill the beans on the Void’s deepest darkest secrets. The newest diary in the Dark Void Dev Diary series also features the game’s developers as they give some interesting back story about the characters in the game. Prepare to have your mind blown as this new video dives deep into the void while showing new never-before-seen footage.

Find out more about the void and check out the latest dev diary at the official Dark Void community site and sign up to be a member too! Check out this link!