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GamersGate Announces a New, and Quite Important, Feature

by: Jake -
More On: Batman: Arkham Asylum Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
GamersGate has just announced it's intent to bring forth a new, pre-order system for yet-to-be-released games. For example, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Majesty 2, which GamersGate has announced it is kicking off its new pre-order feature with! GG has also announced that users will be REWARDED for using the pre-order feature. For example, if I pre-order Arkham Asylum, I get bonus blue coins! Also, if you pre-order a game, that game is loaded to your account 6 hours before it's release! Now, you can't tell me you're not excited! Keep reading for more details about the new feature and the rewards. As well as, of course, a link to the site, which I just linked to in the blurb when you could have clicked it in the press release. You should thank me for posting such a huge, easy to find, link. (You're welcome)
GamersGate Announces New Pre-Order Program
Program Kicks off with Orders for Majesty 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum

NEW YORK – September 3, 2009 – GamersGate, a leading digital distribution provider with the largest catalog of PC titles on the web, today announced a new pre-order program for select titles. The new pre-order program kicks off with the upcoming titles Batman Arkham Asylum, Majesty 2, Football Manager 2010 and several other highly-anticipated upcoming titles.

The new pre-order program rewards GamersGate users with features that include:

o With each pre-order, users will earn bonus Blue Coins that can be used to purchase other titles.

o A price-drop guarantee that guarantees that if the pre-ordered game drops in price within 30 days from release for more than 5 days, the customer will get the difference back in Blue Coins.

o The pre-ordered game will be loaded to the user’s account six hours before release to avoid heavy traffic (with publisher approval).

Besides pre-order bonuses, Blue Coins, a virtual currency within GamersGate, can be earned through various kinds of user activity on the site including writing reviews, ranking games, and participating in the Game Tutor program. Blue Coins can also be purchased directly with cash.

“We want to provide customers with all the games they want anytime and anywhere, not just games that have been previously released,” said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate. ”Over the past year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in pre-orders on the site and as we are continually looking for new avenues to reward our loyal customers, a new and improved pre-order program that offered substantial benefits fit the bill perfectly.”

The new pre-order benefits are effective immediately on select titles. To find out more about GamersGate, please visit www.gamersgate.com and follow @gamersgate on twitter.

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