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Sacred 2 patch 2.43.0 now available

by: Jake -
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Because, without patches for our favorite video games, they would be compeltely infested with bugs. Patches act as the exterminator when it comes to bugs. Patches make the gaming world go 'round! Keep reading for a link, along with a list of fixes.
Cary, NY, July 21, 2009 – cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron
Entertainment today released a new patch for the retail PC version of
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The new patch offers gameplay updates and
addresses some of the issues listed below.

  • It is now possible to disable the camera shake via an entry in the optionscustom.txt. The entry is: camera.cameraShake = 0
  • Reflection damage from NPCs has been reduced
  • The Sakkara demon on the "Start Island" no longer attacks the player unless he has been attacked first
  • Gold and XP amounts will now be displayed using periods as the thousands separator - for example 123.456.789.000)
  • When fight music is disabled, the region music will continue to play during combat
  • The bonus "push rider from mount" has been removed
  • Blowpipes are now able to hit mounted creatures
  • Other heroes in multiplayer game sessions are now less chatty.
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