Age of Conan celebrates one year of MASSIVE improvements

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To celebrate one year of massive improvements to Age of Conan, players are can now log in for FREE, and experience the new and improved Age of Conan. But it's for a limited time, ending in two weeks. Click here for the new re-evaluation site.
Durham, USA – July 8th, 2009, – Funcom is proud to announce the launch
of the first re-evaluation campaign for its best-selling MMO ‘Age of
Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. Anyone with a previously active account
can now reactivate and play for two weeks – completely free of charge
and with no strings attached. With the slew of massive updates and
improvements done to the game since launch, Funcom is eager to let
players experience what the press have already dubbed “the second
coming of Conan”.

The list of additions, changes and improvements are many, and a new
website that aims to inform press and gamers everywhere about how ‘Age
of Conan’ has improved since launch is now live.

The new re-evaluation website can be found here
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