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Saints Row 2 steeped in Corporate Warfare

by: Randy -
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The Tera Patrick thing happened in the first DLC for Saints Row 2, Ultor Exposed.  The second -- and seemingly similarly-themed -- DLC, entitled Corporate Warfare, is scheduled for a May 28th release at 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, and $7.00 on PlayStation Network.  The new mission arc takes you behind the lines in an Ultor civil war, revealing the whereabouts of the long-lost 3rd Street Saint, Dex.

Chuck and Cyril both agreed that Saints Row 2 was a grand old time.  My review was a bit more curmudgeonly.

These eight screenshots indeed have plenty more Ultor to go around, plus a "bee stuntplane," a Masako chopper full of combatants, a nasty-looking helicopter firing missiles at a toxic waste truck, a thug shooting a sniper rifle like it's an assault rifle, mimes being turned into grape jelly, and two shots of the piratey Lost Island.  Looks like all is well in the land of Saints Row 2.