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The best way to find deals on AppStore applications

by: Dan -
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With the AppStore containing over 25,000 applications now, it is harder than ever to keep track of some apps that you are interested in but don’t want to pay the “normal” retail price. A great tool has emerged that can help with this called AppShopper.com, which is a web based application tracker for the AppStore. I have been using this for awhile now after being directed to it by Chris Paladino, and it is invaluable for learning in almost real-time what apps are moving in their pricing. AppShopper.com allows you to break it down by paid vs free, sub categories and a great looking top 100 list of Apps complete with daily movement, weeks on list, Avg rating, highest list position and current pricing. So if you are constantly wondering which AppStore games are dropping in price or going on sale, then AppShopper.com is a great place to start.  Until Apple creates the rumored premium AppStore for the best games and applications, this is a great way to sort through the logjam of stuff. [MORE]