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Apple to create a premium game section in the AppStore?

by: Dan -
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There is speculation from the folks at pocketgamer.biz that Apple is planning on creating a premium game section in its AppStore for the big boys of development and publishing. I personally like the idea of separating the content into two sections, as it should allow for that definition that Microsoft has established with its Community Games and Xbox Live Arcade channels. Too often, the AppStore is inundated with masses of $0.99 and free titles that push the games made by the large developers to the background. While there are many of these titles that are absolutely awesome games (see Chopper, Euchre and LED Football), there are just as many garbage titles out there as well. So it makes sense for Apple to help proliferate the EAs, Freverses and Gamelofts over the guy working out of his home office, which should in turn encourage the big boys to focus on making better titles and utilizing the iPhone/iPod Touch controls in or unique ways. I know Randy and I would appreciate it.