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News Roundup: Sacred Blood on the Street

by: Randy -
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  • Digital dungeon masters, roll against sticker shock and see why the 4th Edition Character Builder is worth the $50 subscription.
  • The student surpasses the teacher--Why Guitar Hero World Tour doesn't beat out Rock Band 2.
  • Simply a graphical overhaul, or is there more to Street Fighter IV?
  • G.I. Joe taking cues from Army of Two?
  • Singing about the unsung hero of your system, the power supply.  To wit, the CoolMax CU-950B.
  • Look to the ASUS Silent Knight II for all your cooling needs...if money's not a factor.
  • Death Tank blowing up XBLA this week.
  • A mock-news clip that's all part of a larger $25 million purchase.
  • Blizzard isn't going to E3, but they're growing BlizzCon.
  • Journalist gauge:  Amount of cleavage at E3 booth in direct proportion to game's level of crapiness.
  • Does the Wii have a Senior Skip Day hit on its hands?
  • Chuck is still trippin' over the making of Sacred 2's "most epic trailer ever" (his words).
  • 50 Cent is trying to be heard over the din of Killzone 2 being released the same week as Blood on the Sand.
  • Disney Interactive releases mystery racing trailer.
  • The Sandman is revealed.
  • G4 loses a few.
  • Braid becoming an Impulse buy.
Thanks to TechwareLabs and Tech-Reviews.co.uk (and our own GamingNexus staff, of course) for today's news roundup.