E3 2009, Bringing Sexy Back (yup!)

by: Chuck -
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In an interview with GamingIndustry.biz, ESA director of Communications Dan Hewitt talks a bit about the format of the show this year.  The highlights are that the booths are going to be standardized to prevent the arms race of size and noise that plagued previous shows.  There is a focus on making the event "sustainable and manageable" which will hopefully keep costs down for publishers and make the event entertaining for everyone while allowing journalists and retailers to go about their business.

Of course the big question (at least for the mouth breathers out there) is will the booth babes be back this year.  On that note Mr. Hewitt says that it will be up to the individual companies to decide if they want them which means that you can expect there to be miles and miles of cleavage everywhere you go.  This is actually kind of helpful for journalists because the amount of cleavage on display at a booth is usually inverse to the quality of the game on display.

Personally I'm looking forward to going to the show this year as there are going to be some fantastic games on display like God of War III, Dark Void, Halo ODST, and maybe even Alan Wake.
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