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News Roundup: Godfather Nightmare Twister

by: Randy -
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  • Is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection still relevant?
  • No Mature-rated games in the past two weeks?  Is the ESRB slippin'?
  • If you could just see this mouse, then that alone might make you buy it.
  • The MSI DKA790GX motherboard looks unusual with its fanciful heatsink.
  • Talking to EA Exec Producer Hunter Smith about The Godfather II.
  • Thermaltake has quite an offering on their hands with the Spedo Advance full-tower.
  • You want a big, breezy Zalman GS1000 full-tower case.
  • Dungeon Twister boardgame sidewinding onto XBLA.
  • Xbox Live Marketplace round-up for Feb. 11th.
  • EA announces GI Joe tie-in game.
  • Sega announces new Alien vs. Predator game, Chuck is very happy.
  • Godfather II pushed back to April 7, evades late February rush.
  • Vivox partners with the makers of the Unreal Engine 3.
  • Atlus to publish Knights in the Nightmare.
  • Suikoden: Tierkreis pictorial blowout.
  • Mix Master Mike emcees Scratch: The Ultimate DJ setlist.
Thanks to Defunct Games, TheTechLounge, iXBT Labs, AtomicGamer and Techgage for today's news roundup.