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Asmodee Games will be bringing the French strategy board game Dungeon Twister to Xbox Live Arcade. It is a tile based game where the goal is to escape the dungeon or defeat the other players. The promise is that it will be a "faithful" adaptation of the board game and not be turned into an "arcade" version (i.e. dumbed down.) The game is currently scheduled for a Q3 2009 release, but could get pushed back due to certification or development delays. Check out the original board game at the Dungeon Twister website and the XBLA version at Asmodee Gameswebsite.

Thanks to Chris Paladino for the heads up.
Dungeon Twister Will be on XBox 360 in Q3 2009

Already announced on Tric-Trac TV(French BoardGameGeek) during Gencon France in Paris in 2008, Dungeon Twister will soon be turned into a video game and it's the French videogame company Hydravision which has been tapped to adapt it (for X-Box first, then for other consoles). The game will allow for solo play, or online play, allowing players to face off against players from anywhere in the world.

The video game will remain a faithful adaptation of the Boardgame and will not be turned into an "Arcade" version which will require high-strung reflexes to win. At least that's not the direction the game is headed into so far...

The release is planned for Q3 2009, though this is only a tentative date. As we all know, delays in the videogame industry are more common than in the Boardgame community, and so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

And just for you, here's an exclusive screenshot of the first images of the videogame.

Here comes the Mechanork :) !!!!

We will be sure to keep you updated on how work is progressing by offering you images and other surprises (which ought to please more than a few of you) on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to browse the forums of the www.dungeontwister.com website, as the developpers themselves will hang out there looking for tactics, advice and hot combos to improve the AI or the game interface (among other things).

Needless to say, they're bound to also reveal a few choice bits of news on how the game is evolving, taken straight from their game studios.

Just like in the beginning of the Dungeon Twister game, the author wants the videogame to remain attentive to the player community, shaped by the players and for the players, in order for it to be all they'd want and ease their first steps into the 3rd dimension of the Twist!

Happy 2009, and may the Twist be with you!
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