National Wii Nightmare Over?

by: Chuck -
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While perusing a few game stores and big box retailers like Best buy over the last few days I've noticed something I haven't seen before...piles and piles of Wii's ready to be purchased for the holiday season.  Ben was able to pick one up last week without any problem and it looks like that's the case all over the country.  No longer will people have to lurk at their neighborhood Best Buy waiting to purchase white boxes of over-hyped gaming goodness. 

This may be due to Nintendo finally shipping more units to the Us (something that the latest NPD numbers seem to indicate).  This may be because Nintendo has finally figured out how to make them in large enough numbers or is now re-allocating more supply to the US now that the dollar has strengthened against the Yen and Euro.  Either way this will hopefully end the price gouging on Ebay and other sites

Congrats Nintendo, it's only taken you two years!  I hear there are plenty of copies of Wii Music to go around as well.
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