October NPD numbers and Sony takes a hit

by: John -
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When you don't price cut your console, this is what happens. The numbers for October are in and Sony's PlayStation 3 gets trounced by the other two consoles. As usual the Nintendo products dominate the month but the PlayStation 3 sells 181,000 less consoles than the Xbox 360. I don't have any expectations for the numbers on the PS3 to go higher in these tough times though so it might be a rough couple of months for Sony. At least Sony can count on our resident Dan Keener on giving a +1 to their numbers for the PS3 in November.

   September October  Difference
PlayStation 2 173,500  136,000 -37,500
PlayStation 3 232,400  190,000 -42,400
PSP 238,100  193,000 -45,100
Xbox 360 347,200  371,000 23,800
Wii 687,000  803,000 116,000
Nintendo DS 536,800  491,000  -45,800

The top game is Fable II which sold a boatload (790,000) of copies. I'm surprised it did that well and I hope to pick it up soon.. once I get through all the other things I have laying around.