Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition lets you know just how savage it plans on getting

by: Tina -
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March 2010 is already riddled with some promising releases. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition announced its arrival, as well, on XBLA. With some of the storyline and character information already released, Atlus decided it was time to give us all the details on combat.

The game is essentially a first-person one, with shooting in it, but not necessarily the FPS we all know and love. You’ll mainly be sticking to your 3-hit combos to battle the Family and Corwids that Marissa so kindly introduced us to.

Atlus warns us that our enemies can counter-attack and block our initiatives while slowly draining our stamina bar. Should you drain them of their stamina, you’ll be able to put the finishing touches on your beating by kneeing them, elbowing them in the head, or throwing them from your grab hold. The all-hands combat should suit the “savage, lawless world of Zenozoik”. Check their gameplay trailer below for some of the combat techniques.

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