Meet the Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition clans, then burn your computer

by: Marissa -
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Like some effed up Jim Henson dark fantasy, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition has revealed a bit more about itself in two bizarro clans: The Family and The Corwids.

The Family is led by Father-Mother (shudder) and made up of a gaggle of sick-ass brothers and sisters. The teaser trailer shows a little bit of insight into The Family:

The Corwids are a band of individualists. Each has his/her/its own obsession, which it will stop at nothing to obtain. Learn more about The Corwids of the Free in this trailer. Enjoy your nightmares!

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is set to hit XBLA in March. Too scared to play it when it first came out, and I will be too scared to play it when it comes out again in March.
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