Yes, it can run Crysis - starting October 4th

by: Nathaniel -
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It was announced a few weeks ago that the first entry into the Crysis franchise, previously only available on PC, would be coming to home consoles in October.  Now we know exactly what day it will hit: October 4th (sorry Crysis, but for me, Oct 4th is already spoken for).  The price will be a cool twenty dollars (that's 1600 points in Microsoft's fake money scam).  Honestly, even though I never played the original, based on this video, Crysis looks to be the kind of single-player FPS I adore (and exactly the kind of FPS Crysis 2 wasn't, unfortunately).  

Isn't technology amazing?  A few years ago, you practically needed a PC from the future to run Crysis, and now it's nothing but a little old downloadable title.  In a few years I wouldn't be surprised to see it available for smart phones, pocket calculators, and wi-fi enabled microwave ovens.  

[via: destructoid]
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