I've never wanted it to be October 4th so badly

by: Nathaniel -
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Regular readers may be aware of of my feelings toward id Software's upcoming shooter Rage (hint: it looks amazing) .  Call me biased if you want, but keep in mind that I'm not a robot and writing about videogames for the Internet does not automatically strip one of everything that makes them who they are (at least not for the first six months or so).  Anyway, what I'm getting at is this:  

OM*G, Rage just got more amazing looking!  

As if everything else wasn't amazing enough, this new video shows off co-op, and (more importantly - to me anyway) maybe the best, most visceral grenade explosions in the history of first person shooters.  So you go ahead and check the trailer out yourself; I'll just be over here searching Craigslist for grey-market cryo-stasis clinics that don't ask too many question.   

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