Rage still looks utterly amazing: video proof

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I've always been in an awkward spot as a gamer.  I love first person shooters, but I hate multiplayer-focused games.  You should be able to see my dilemma.  It's like loving delivery pizza but hating round foods in cardboard boxes.  Luckily, every once in a while games come out like Bioshock, or Half-Life 2 that manages to scratch my FPS itch without making me feel dirty for embracing something I hate out of desperation.  

And then there is Id Software's upcoming FPS, Rage.  It looks amazing, and it seems clearly intended to satisfy gamers like me who love first person shooters but hate getting tea-bagged while your family lineage is called into question by someone whose voice is so high, dogs everywhere are having a nervous breakdown.  This new video released today highlights the different kinds of enemies you'll face in Rage, but mainly it just makes me want to enter cryogenic stasis until October 7th

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