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Oh, boy does Nintendo have some downloadable goodies for you.

Action puzzler You, Me, and the Cubes on WiiWare challenges you to organize and balance the adorably cute Fallos creatures on the cubes in either single or two-player play. WiiWare now also offers you Family Tennis, which just like it sounds is a tennis game against your family members. Play in Elimination Match, Free Match, or Thrilling Rally for variations in gameplay.

Step back in time with Last Ninja 2 from Commodore 64 now on Virtual Console, and relive the experience of the epic music featured in the game. Here’s your chance to prove those ninja skills as Armakuni as you battle against Kunitoki and his goons.

Your new DSiWare selections include Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack and MySims Camera. Clubhouse Games for the DSi features five strategy-based games: Backgammon, Field Tactics, Turncoat, Connect Five, and Grid Attack. You can play single or multiplayer on these strategy games. Play with animated 3D characters in MySims Camera by taking photos and overlaying them with the Sims characters. You can play with the animations by moving, scaling, rotating, cropping, and drawing on the images.

In more good news, you can still get those free 1,000 bonus points by buying a DSi until October 5th.
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