Ubisoft breaks my heart... puts Endwar 2 on the backburner

by: Jeremy -
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 Why? Wwwwhhhyyy!?!?!  Wwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?!

On the same week that Ubisoft has made many gamers happy by announcing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the company has also managed to absolutely break this gamer's heart.  In an interview with the website VG247, Ubi Shanghai employee Michael de Plater stated the the project of Endwar 2 has been put "on the backburner".  The first Endwar was one of the most original games that I had played in years; while the concept wasn't original, I always felt that the precision in the execution was.  Endwar nailed the concept of a voice controlled RTS right on the head.  The game wasn't perfect to say, but it was as close as any company has ever come to pulling it off flawlessly.  I absolutely loved the game and was really looking forward to the sequel since it was announced as being in development last summer.  Unfortunately, it looks as though I will continue to wait on the sequel.  When de Plater was asked to elaborate on the backburner statement, he gave no further comment.  All that I can say is: "booooooooo" <thumbs down>
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