The proposed Wasteland sequel gets a website

by: John -
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A few weeks back, I posted on how there was some chatter about doing a sequel to Wasteland and using Kickstarter as the means to finance that project. Well, today another step has been taken to see that dream come true. It's a small step, but nevertheless a step.

Wasteland 2 now has a webpage where you can grab some info and in it, Brian Fargo talks about waiting 20 years to get another game in the series going. The Kickstarter site isn't live yet, but it will be soon and you can bet I'll be contributing to it when it does. 

The game that help spawn Fallout did sort of have a sequel in a sense. It was called Fountain of Dreams.

The game's set in post-apocalyptic Florida and it has you trying to find the Fountain of Dreams, which is capable of purifying the waters in Florida and stop the mutations that have been happening. Wait? Isn't that kind of the gist of Fallout 3?!

While Fountain of Dreams has been dismissed as a sequel to Wasteland, we're going a get true sequel from one of the original creators should the Kickstarter project succeed. Let's hope it does.
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