Brian Fargo is looking to use Kickstarter for another Wasteland game

by: John -
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For those who don't know who Brian Fargo, maybe the names of these games will get you excited: Wasteland, Out of this World, Bard's Tale, Battle Chess, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.  Yeah, those are some pretty awesome games. Well, with the success of Double Fine, here's another person that's turning to Kickstarter to see about funding a new game.

And what game do you think he wants to build? Why the game that was one of the inspirations for Fallout. We're talking about a sequel to Wasteland. Yes, the Bard's Tale set in the post -apocalyptic world was one of the many great games I played on the Commodore 64 and one that I'd love to see remade.

This would be a PC game, but who knows. If he gets enough money he might expand it to other platforms.

Looks like Brian's thinking of doing that with Kickstarter. Please, oh please let this one be a reality.

Also, I think I mentioned something like this might happen a few days ago.....

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