The earthquake in Japan will not affect NGP delay

by: John -
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As I am typing this, another earthquake has hit off the coast of Japan causing tsunami warnings, so before I go on with the news, let's hope this incident doesn't cause much harm for the people of Japan. They've had enough to deal with as it is.

Yesterday, Jack Tretton hinted that the previous earthquake in Japan could delay the shipment of the NGP. Today though, SCEJ spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka said that there is no delay in the production of the handheld due to the earthquake. All I have to say is, Sony folks should really get their stories straightened out. It doesn't look good when one person is saying one thing and then another person is saying something else.

Now, maybe Sony was planning on just doing a very staggered launch. I don't know what the purpose is other than to make sure there's enough units to go around if you don't plan on giving the rest of the world access to the machine for a while. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see and I bet we'll get a lot more info at the upcoming E3.
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