The Old Republic is our last hope. Or is there another?

by: Jake -
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As you can see, I'm talking about the future of Star Wars video gaming, in particular that of the Star Wars MMO genre. First, alleged leaked concept art for Star Wars Battlefront IV, and now rumor has it that Sony may be beginning work on a brand new Clone Wars MMO to, along with BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, take the place of Star Wars Galaxies. According to 1up, this is coming from an "inside source," and with 1up being a pretty reliable site, this rumor might prove true. But it all adds up, having BioWare finishing up production on Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO based in the Knights of the Old Republic era, and with Sony's prior experience with Star Wars MMO's (Star Wars Galaxies) it makes perfect sense. Also, according to our source, Sony will likely use the Free Realms engine as a template for The Clone Wars.

Here's my two cents: if LucasArts wants to make an MMO to replace Galaxies, what better than making two MMO's? Therefor, it's not all that far-fetched with the first season of TCW out of the way and getting such favorable ratings as it received, and Season 2 beginning this October. This is definitely the right time for another. And what better way for LucasArts to compete with Star Trek's new "Star Trek Online" MMO than with two of it's own? And also, what better way to attract Star Wars fans and gamers to both of them than place both MMO's in two different and quite popular eras in the Star Wars timeline?

But at the moment, neither Sony nor LucasArts have said anything concerning this rumor, but my guess is that we'll be getting a big fat "Sony/LucasArts does not comment on rumors of speculation" soon.
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