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Tease no more: Soul Calibur 5 details emerge

by: Jeremy -
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As John mentioned earlier, Namco Bandai has started to release a bit of information on the upcoming Soul Calibur 5 at a press event in Dubai early this morning. Now we can all see the announcement trailer that was shown to select press invited to the event. Eurogamer has released a ton of details regarding the project over the course of the morning.

As we stated earlier, the game takes place 17 years after the events of the last game. The game is going to focus on a new main character: Patroklos. Die hard fans will immediately know who this character is when they see him thanks to his resemblance to his mother, Sophitia. The storyline will continue based on Siegfried’s ending from Soul Calibur 4. The development team also states that this game will open a new chapter and tale for the Soul Calibur series; the first 4 games told one story and this installment begins another.

Other small details listed about the game include the return of user-created characters, a shift from long swords to short swords which is based on the storyline of the game (you will learn about it in time), and the inclusion of more guest characters as the game has featured in the past. I guess it is time to go back to the stage of history...