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Soul Calibur 5 teased at a press event

by: John -
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While the website has six hours left to go before a reveal, Namco had a press event last night and they showed off a small tease for Soul Calibur 5. The short video started off with those famous words, "Transcending history..." and then proceeded to give the audience a view of Nightmare and Siegfried. The game is set 17 years after Soul Calibur 4. Hopefully, the website will have this up later today but the game is due out 2012.

I was at the event where Namco announced Darth Vader and Yoda as characters at CES, so I'm wondering if there are going to be unique characters for the fifth installment as well.

I'm glad to to see official news of the game come out as I have many, many fond memories of playing Soul Blade on the PlayStation and in the arcade back in college so I've been with the series from the get go. I'm excited to see what this one brings forth.