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Software and videogame developer and publisher, Stardock (Sins of a Solar Empire, Galactic Civilizations), continues to make headway with its digital distribution platform Impulse.  Though it launched Phase One (of three) as recently as June, Stardock's aggressive schedule has already packed over 150 videogames and software programs onto Impulse.  Companies like Epic Games, THQ, AVG, Gas Powered Games, Hothead Games, Ironclad Games, Meridian4, and many others are already onboard. 

Phase Two (scheduled for mid-August) will implement the Impulse Reactor and the MyImpulse beta, a utility that will let developers automatically submit games and software to Impulse "under a streamlined, uniform royalty agreement for moderation."  Hopefully that means that gamers won't have to sift through a bunch of drek in order to find the gems.  And Phase Three (launching early 2009) will "greatly automate" developers' ability to publish their games and software on Impulse as well as include virtual drive management tools.  It's got a very Windows Media presentation to it, it's not as sleek as Steam, nor does appear to have Valve's breadth of time-sensitive deals, but its software and videogame genre-mixing is indeed eye opening.

Stardock’s Impulse Adds New Publishers, Software

- Capcom and Genie-Soft Added to the Impulse Lineup -

PLYMOUTH, MI – August 4, 2008 – Stardock announced today several new video game titles from Capcom and new software applications from Genie-Soft have been added to the Impulse catalogue ( Launched in June, Impulse is a cohesive, integrated virtual platform for consumers and developers that is designed to simplify buying, supporting, and developing PC games and applications for Windows XP and Vista.


New to the Impulse lineup from Capcom are the upcoming Plunder, MotoGP 2008, Flock, Neopets and Dark Void. Genie-Soft software applications now available for download include disaster recovery solutions Genie Backup Manager Home 8 and Genie Backup Manager Professional 8.


Stardock launched Impulse with companies Epic Games, THQ, AVG, Gas Powered Games, Hothead Games, Ironclad Games, Meridian4 and many others and currently offers more than 150 games and software applications. For consumers, Impulse is expected to have the largest selection of digitally-available software on the market within its first year of operation.


"By continuing to add the best offering of applications and games we’re delivering the most advanced digital distribution option to PC users everywhere," said Brad Wardell, president and CEO of Stardock Corp.


Stardock will be releasing Impulse in three phases. June marked the initial launch of the Impulse client, with the immediate availability of titles from multiple PC game publishers and software developers. Phase two, scheduled for mid-August, will include Impulse Reactor and the beta of MyImpulse, a utility that will allow developers to automatically submit their games or software to Impulse under a streamlined, uniform royalty agreement for moderation.  Phase three will be launched in early 2009 and will greatly automate the ability for developers to publish their games and software on Impulse as well as include virtual drive management tools.


To learn more about Impulse visit Impulse is also included on the retail version of Stardock’s new PC strategy game, The Political Machine 2008.

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