Star Wars Battlefront... FOUR?

by: Jake -
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After the leaked images, and later the pre-rendered concept video said to depict the storyline and gameplay elements of Star Wars Battlefront III, even more Battlefront sequel news has arisen. New concept art for Battlefront IV has been leaked! But with Battlefront III in Development Hell and rumored to be cancelled, the status of Battlefront IV is, at best, on hiatus. In other words, the incredibley awesome looking games that would have been Battlefront 3 and 4, will most likely never see the light of day. Judging from the alledgedly leaked concept art, the fourth game in the main Battlefront series was probably going to place a heavy focus on the Battle of  Geonosis and, oddly enough, a tree city on Dagobah?

I personally think that a Sith Obi-Wan and a tree city on Dagobah, Battlefront III and IV concepts respectively, stray a ltittle too far from canon, but other than that, I really wish there could've been a third and fourth Battlefront for the home consoles. What do you think?

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