Star Trek Online Season Two starts with some updates

by: Dan -
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Star Trek Online took flight last year and now that we are approaching Star Date two, we are getting some new content and updates from Cryptic. Star Trek Online Season Two: Ancient Enemies will bring in things as adaptive armor, Star Trek Online Architect (a web-based ship building game hosted on the Star Trek Online website), raised level cap, more mini-gmes, new episodes and a new lower price ($19.99). Take a look at the features direct from Cryptic:
  • A raised level cap, from level 45 to level 51.
  • Klingon Episodes, written specifically for the Klingon faction.
  • The Federation Diplomatic Corps. A peaceful way to seek out new life and civilizations, as well as a new advancement path!
  • Dabo. Play the casino game made popular in Deep Space 9.
  • Feature Episodes. Each week, for over a month, we'll be releasing a brand new episode playable at any level.
No word on a release date as of yet, but take a look at Ben's review of the game and lets hope that some of the updates in Season Two: Ancient Enemies will address the conerns he raised.
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