Star Trek Season 2 Trailer

by: Ben Berry -
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Star Trek Online debuted to a lot of hype and about average reviews. I played it for several months and while there were some fun aspects, it was clear that the development team took some shortcuts in order to meet a release timetable. From very early on they were promising a lot of updates, and there have been quite a few content enhancements. They even sent out a survey a couple months back asking what we as players wanted to see and how much we'd be willing to keep paying for the game.

It seems the first of the new features to be a part of that upgrade Season 2 as it's been titled has received a trailer. Adaptive Armor is a new ship combat feature designed to allow you to better repel attacks of a specific nature during combat. It does seem to offer a lot more depth than current shield and armor schemes. Space combat isn't where this game falls down though, so hopefully some ship internal upgrades are on the way (visiting more than the bridge, actually doing things on your ship).

(thanks to Edgecase1 for the link, the video download seems to be broken)

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