Sony denies any announcement of a PlayStation 4 at this year's E3

by: John -
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Well, one company's refuting the rumor they are going to announce a next generation console. Kaz Hirai has flat out said they don't plan to unveil a new PlayStation at this year's E3.

A rumor was floating around saying that both Microsoft and Sony would announce at the show their next console. Sony has maintained that they are on a 10 year cycle with the PlayStation 3, but that doesn't preclude them from releasing brand new hardware and supporting the old one, like the PlayStation 2.

That leaves just Microsoft and they haven't denied anything yet. They might later on down the road or the rumor might be true. If so, that would be another year gap between Sony and Microsoft with Microsoft taking the lead again between the two on releasing a product. 

How disappointed are you there won't be an announcement? 
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