RUMOR: The next Xbox and PlayStation will be unveiled at this year's E3

by: John -
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So the Wii U was unveiled last year, what do the boys at Microsoft and Sony do? Why, try to unveil their next generation console at the same time. That is, if you the report from MCV is accurate. MCV has had a few reports that have turned out to be false so I'm a little skeptical, but intrigued at the same time.

The 360 was launched in November of 2005 while the PlayStation 3 was launched in November of 2006. Some think the year gap between the two has lead to Microsoft's dominance in the US. I don't think Sony would want to give a rival company that much lead time again.

There's been small snippets here and there about the next console from the two. From job descriptions to sources to supposed leaks, small bits of information have been coming forth the past year or so that the next console for the two companies would be talked about officially soon.

Well, if E3 2012 shows off both, then it's going to be one fun ride there. Would it take away Nintendo's thunder of announcing the Wii U's price? Of course. Would we see even bigger lines at the Sony and Microsoft booth? Absolutely. To announce both at the show without much of a hint of it from either side would be one nice surprise for all those attending.

So what do you think the chances are of none, one, or both announcing their next console at this year's event?
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