Shoot many Asian troops, tanks, ships and planes in Wargame: Red Dragon

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Looks like China will have to ban another video game. I wonder what it'd be like as a Chinese citizen and have so many first-world nations depend upon your industry and economy, yet those same first-world nations keep blowing you up in video games. Oh well. In modern warfare, you're fighting either China, North Korea or zombies, and we all know that North Korea can't conduct a successful missile test. I mean zombies can't.

Wargame: Red Dragon takes its hardcore real-time strategy combat to Asia. With Warsaw Pact and NATO war machines, you'll turn hundreds of new enemy units into hundreds of little explosions. 

WARGAME RED DRAGON: the first hostilities caught on video!

Tensions ramp up in Wargame Red Dragon! The latest title in the spectacular real time strategy game series created by developers Eugen Systems, today unveiled the very first video teaser bringing us to Asia, the new battlefield of the newest installment in the Wargame series.

The NATO and Pact armies and their allies finally deploy in Asia. As the new conflict dawns, this video offers a first look at the strategic and pyrotechnic excitement awaiting players in Wargame Red Dragon. New factions and new combat units (over 1300 in total) are exciting enough, but Red Dragon also introduces new maritime units including warships and amphibious vehicles that make water a new tactical asset of considerable importance.

Wargame Red Dragon retains the mechanics that made the series so successful but brings the action to central Asia between 1975 and 1991 and adds loads of new features. 5 new nations, including China and North Korea, join the fight in Wargame, adding over 450 new units. The introduction of naval and amphibious units is a particular highlight, while maritime and river areas provide fresh strategic opportunities.

The new solo campaign plunges players headlong into a hellish war in and around Korea, while Wargame's extensive, road-tested multiplayer mode offer intense and spectacular battles with up to 20 other players simultaenously.

Wargame Red Dragon will unveil more over the coming weeks, through new screenshots and videos.

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